Дети  Приграничья
  Преодолевая границы
Янкелевич Татьяна (1  место)
Бухта Дарья (2  место)
Шкуринская Ирина (3  место)
Золотухина Ольга (3  место)
Yankelevich Tatsiana (the 1 - st place)
Bukhta Darja (the 2 - nd place)
Shkurinskaya Irina (the 3 - rd place)
Zolotukhina Olga (the 3 - rd place)
деятельность инфоцентра
интенсификация приграничного сотрудничества путем предоставления данных, информации и контактных лиц приграничной территории Брест – Бяла Подляска;
оказание консультативно-методической помощи по разработке проектов программ Соседства «Польша-Беларусь-Украина»;
дополнение к деятельности Еврорегиона «Буг» с акцентом на приграничную территорию Брест – Бяла Подляска;
организация бизнес-встреч, конференций и семинаров, а также делового посещения на крупнейшие мероприятия Польши;
осуществление маркетинговых исследований, налаживание контактов и поиск потенциальных партнеров.
Overcoming the borders / Преодолевая границы

Competitive composition
of the schoolgirl of the 11 «A» class,
the secondary school № 9, Brest
Yankelevich Tatsiana Yevgenjevna

We live at the border

 On our huge planet the Earth lives more than six billions person, there are six continents, great number of regions, not one hundred countries, thousand borders… And have you ever thought, what such this border is, what it divides? Or it’s better to ask anybody?
Each person understands as a word "border" something his own, close or far, important or not having any value, formal or symbolical…
I live in a small regional town by the name Brest and I am proud, that by passage of only a pair of kilometers from the town, you can get, as it always seems to us, in an absolute other country, in an absolutely other world… But it is so?
Each time crossing the border with Poland, I think, so far as we are similar. The passing by people, floating behind the window homes, trees, the shaggy haired dogs sitting by a road, the sun, as usually warming me with its loving rays - all reminds me of such native and home Belarus, the country in which I was born and live seventeen years. Each time it reminds me, that how tried to divide us, how many borders and barriers didn’t put between us, people find ways and opportunities to communicate with each other.
Have you ever reflected: why, having arrived in the country with the other language, you can easily come to a mutual consent with people, which, at first sight, shouldn’t understand you? It turns out, that there are not so great differences between us, in our traditions and culture, and also there are not differences between people - that is the most important in mutual relations between the countries. The governments of various countries differ from each other, they have different purposes and tasks, but people make a country, the states are created for people. And if people have among themselves something common, and Belarus with Poland have common more than enough. Remember even separate moments of a history when we were one state. All this is also a value and parameter that we live in peace and harmony, enjoy dialogue with each other. Our planet, our world is a single whole.

All depends on you, how you will set priorities. In fact the person can say: «I live in my country» - limiting thus of a framework of his activities. And also can say: «I live in a huge world, the world full of the same people, as I». And it will have already an absolutely other sense, it will be a phrase filled with friendliness and desire to make something together, an appeal to be united and cooperate. And it is the main thing for me, in fact I live at the border and I receive a huge pleasure from dialogue with people living on its other side.


«Overcoming the borders: Internet as an intimacy factor for pupils and youth from border regions of Belarus and Poland» - a mini-project won at competition, organized by the Program of Belarus Support by the Federal government of Germany (FpB - Forderprogramm Belarus).
Within the framework of the project questioning among pupils has been lead with the purpose of study of a schoolboy’s notion about Europe, the European Community, Poland.
107 pupils of senior classes of the secondary school №9 Brest have taken part in questioning.
On a question, whether the border a source of an anxiety and uneasiness is, the following answers are received:

  • 80 % of examined have answered negatively;
  • ?20 % of examined were difficulty in an answer.

More than half of participants of the questioning are sure, Belarusian children don’t differ from Polish children.
More than 75 % of examined characterized relations between peoples of Poland and Belarus as friendly.
In spite of the fact that 2/3 participants of examined visit Poland mainly with the tourist purposes, an absolute majority considers, that Belarus should expand cooperation with all countries of the European Union.
Also the absolute majority of the examined senior pupils have expressed a readiness to become participants of international educational projects.