Дятловский центр туризма и краеведения детей и молодёжи/ The centre of tourism and study of local lore of children and youth

Дятловский центр туризма и краеведения детей и молодёжи/ The centre of tourism and study of local lore of children and youth

Организация зарегистрирована в / The organization is registered in : Беларусь, Гродненская область/ The Republic of Belarus,Grodno Region

Ищу партнера из / We're looking for a partner from: Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, USA, Germany

Ищу партнера для Программы/Проекта / We're looking for a partner to participate in: Польша-Беларусь-Украина 2014-2020 / Poland-Belarus-Ukraine 2014-2020

ТЦ 3 - Продвижение местной культуры и сохранение исторического наследия / TO 3 - Promotion of local culture and preservation of historical heritage :

1. Продвижение местной культуры и истории / Promotion of local culture and history

2. Продвижение и сохранение природного наследия / Promotion and preservation of natural heritage

ТЦ 8 - Общие задачи в области защиты и безопасности / TO 8 - Common challenges in the field of safety and security :

1. Поддержка развития здравоохранения и социальных услуг / Support to the development of health protection and social services

Краткое описание проектной идеи / Short description of the Project idea:

"In search of legends" is the most amusing and multifunctional project in the sphere of tourism in Dyatlovo. Dyatlovo invites everyone who are not alien to the joy of movement! We want to start the new project about active tourism, which hopefully will help you to solve the dilemma and find a perfect place of your rest! We suggest you such opportunity as walking excursions, ski resorts, bicycle trip, water sports. If these activities do not impress you then welcome to a journey around historical paths. All of these are for saving and developing our ecological and historical culture. The aims of our project are the following:
- to promote local culture and history for foreigners;
- to make the hotel for foreign tourists in a former boarding school. It is necessary to redo and to make interior finish, furniture is also very important;
- to develop some water routes of different difficulty level for both beginners and professionals;
- to create the cycling route via historical places;
- to buy a comfortable bus for tourists.
Seize an opportunity of active tourism available in Dyatlovo and district and you'll maintain spirit and good mood for a long time.

Ориентировочный бюджет / Estimated budget:

100 000 €

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