Праграма Латвiя-Лiтва-Беларусь 2014-2020. Вакансiя спецыялiста па iнфармацыi

Праграма Латвiя-Лiтва-Беларусь 2014-2020. Вакансiя спецыялiста па iнфармацыi

The Public Establishment Joint Technical Secretariat (further referred to as JTS), with the office in Vilnius, responsible for providing technical assistance to the EU funded 2014-2020 Latvia, Lithuania and Belarus Cross-border Cooperation Programme within the European Neighbourhood Instrument (further referred to as the Programme) will employ an Information Specialist in Belarus (Minsk).

The Information Specialist will become the employee of the JTS, which is based in Vilnius. The Information Specialist will be permanently placed in Minsk. He/she will have to regularly travel from his/her office in Minsk to Grodno, Vitebsk, Mogilev and Minsk Oblasts. 

Estimated starting time is January 2017. This is a full time position for a 1 year period until the end of 2017 (including 3 months probation period). Extension of the contract till the end of 2020 may be possible subject to the efficient performance. 

The main functions of the Information Specialist will be related, but not limited to ensuring successful implementation of the Programme, as well as providing assistance to potential applicants and beneficiaries in Vitebsk, Grodno, Minsk and Mogilev Oblasts and the city of Minsk and assisting the JTS in fulfilling its tasks related to Programme implementation.

The closing date for applications is 8 December 2016. The interviews are planned to be organised on 14 December 2016 in Minsk. They will include a job interview in English and Russian and a practical exercise.

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